Apple, Google In Secret Talks To End The Patent Wars [REPORT]

Fresh off its huge $1.05 billion victory last week over Samsung in a blockbuster patent trial, Apple is now engaged in secret talks with Google to broker an end to the patent wars, according to Reuters.


Apple CEO Tim Cook and Google CEO Larry Page reportedly talked by phone last week and are planning to talk again in the next few weeks about their patent disputes on mobile devices. Reuters reports hearing from one source that the two companies are considering settling disputes over some of Android’s more basic features.

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Sounds from Mars? Why Curiosity has no microphone

There was a video coming up yesterday, promising Curiosity’s audio recordings from the surface of Mars. I instinctively clicked the link which took me to some seconds of pretty unrealistic groaning and howling and then – ok, I’ve been nicely rickrolled.

But what about real sounds from the surface of Mars? Why haven’t we heard any of these yet? The answer is simple: there’s no recording. To my knowledge, not a single Mars sound recording exists today. After getting used to seeing high definition images from Mars I was quite surprised to learn that.

There have been at least two attempts to capture Mars sounds, but unfortunately both failed. NASA’s Mars Polar Lander carried a microphone but lost contact to Earth during it’s descent to Mars in 1999. 1

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‘Wiki Weapon Project’ Aims To Create A Gun Anyone Can 3D-Print At Home

Cody Wilson has a simple dream: To design the world’s first firearm that can be downloaded from the Internet and built from scratch using only a 3D printer–and then to share it with the world.

Earlier this month, Wilson and a small group of friends who call themselves “Defense Distributed” launched an initiative they’ve dubbed the “ Wiki Weapon Project.” They’re seeking to raise $20,000 to design and release blueprints for a plastic gun anyone can create with an open-source 3D printer known as the RepRap that can be bought for less than $1,000. If all goes according to plan, the thousands of owners of those cheap 3D printers, which extrude thin threads of melted plastic into layers that add up to precisely-shaped three-dimensional objects, will be able to turn the project’s CAD designs into an operational gun capable of firing a standard .22 caliber bullet, all in the privacy of their own garage.

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FBI says pirated Android apps a “top priority,” seizes three domains

The federal government has expanded its domain seizure campaign to include websites that allegedly participate in Android app piracy. The Department of Justice says that the sites in question—,, and—are guilty of “illegal distribution of copies of copyrighted Android cell phone apps.” As with past seizures, the government replaced the content on the sites with its own notices.

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NSA Building A $2 Billion Quantum Computer Artificial Intelligence Spy Center

The NSA is a data center to house a 512 qubit quantum computer capable of learning, reproducing the brain’s cognitive functions, and programming itself.

The National Security Center is building a highly fortified $2 Billion highly top secret complex simply named the “Utah Data Center” which will soon be home to the Hydrogen bomb of cybersecurity – A 512 Qubit Quantum Computer — which will revitalize the the “total information awareness” program originally envisioned by George Bush in 2003.

The news of the data center comes after Department of Defense contractor Lockheed Martin secured a contract with D-Wave for $10 million for a 512 qubit Quantum Computer code-named Vesuvius.

Vesuvius is capable of executing a massive number of computations at once, more than 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, which is would take millions of years on a standard desktop.

The computer will be able to crack even the most secure encryption and will give the US government a quantum leap into technologies once only dreamed of including the rise of the world’s very first all-knowing omniscient self-teaching artificial intelligence.

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