Intel immerses its servers in oil — and they like it!

A handful of Intel servers just emerged from a yearlong bath in an oil-based coolant, and the results were remarkable. The servers ran at a PUE just above 1.0, and showed no ill effects from the oil. Is oil immersion coming to a rack near you?

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Linkin Park Music Video Puts Your Facebook Photos in Emotional Tale

From the masterminds behind the scary and viral “Take This Lollipop” video, Linkin Park’s new music video for “Lost in the Echo” places your Facebook pictures into the storyline to personalize the tale for each viewer.

“I think we’re at a turning point for the ‘music video,’” Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda tells Mashable. “The whole idea of doing a static 3:30 movie or performance to sit underneath a song feels kind of boring.”

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