After Zuckerberg talks, Facebook gains $6.8 billion

Facebook Inc CEO Mark Zuckerberg might need to talk more often. A 30-minute appearance at a technology industry conference earlier this week has translated into $6.785 billion in additional market valuation for his company.

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Do You Suffer From These 4 Tech Afflictions?

Quick: How many devices do you have on-hand at this very moment? How often have you checked your social media accounts in the last hour? When was the last time you played a video game?

The answers to these questions may seem inconsequential, but tech addiction is real, and it can have dreadful consequences.

According to a January study published in PLoS ONE, a journal of the Public Library of Science, people addicted to the Internet may experience chemical changes in their brains similar to those of alcoholics and other drug addicts. And that’s just the Internet — think about all the other aspects of technology we succumb to every day.

Check out the following ailments that you should avoid at all costs.

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