Steve Jobs’ Home Burglarized [REPORT]

The home of late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has reportedly been burglarized, with thousands of dollars worth in computers and personal items stolen.

According to The San Jose Mercury News, a burglar broke into Jobs’ Palo Alto, Calif. home on July 17 and stole more than $60,000 worth of property. Kariem McFarlin, a 35-year-old resident of Alameda, has been arrested and charged with residential burglary in connection with the crime.

Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney Tom Flattery told the Mercury News that, at this time, the act is likely to be “totally random.” He didn’t comment on whether or not any members of the Jobs’ family still live in the home.

McFarlin — who could face up to seven years and eight months in jail — will return to court to state a plea on Monday, Aug. 20.

Although it’s unknown if any of the stolen property belonged to the Job family, the house itself is currently undergoing construction. According to building permits, parts of the exterior are being renovated and two electrical panels will be added on. The renovations are expected to cost about $31,000.

Image courtesy of iStockphotoEdStock.


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