Images of Apple’s new smaller dock connector for the iPhone 5 get leaked

As we near the rumored iPhone event, more and more information is being leaked about our beloved iPhone 5. Late last night we saw images of the handsets alleged battery, and now another component has just been spotted in the wild.

Many reports have suggested that Apple will drop its 30-pin dock connector for a much smaller 8 or 9-pin connector. We’ve seen this new smalled dock connector size in almost all of the recent leaks, but now we have images of the component itself. What you’re looking at in the images are supposedly the new dock connectors that Apple will use for all of the future idevices, including the new iPhone 5.

Of course, there’s no way of confirming whether these are official parts or not. However, if they are actually legit, the next idevices will be sporting smaller 8-pin dock connectors. What’s interesting is that the pins are on both sides of the connector, meaning that you’ll be able to insert it into your idevice no matter which way it’s facing. Pretty awesome.

What do you guys think?



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