After Zuckerberg talks, Facebook gains $6.8 billion

Facebook Inc CEO Mark Zuckerberg might need to talk more often. A 30-minute appearance at a technology industry conference earlier this week has translated into $6.785 billion in additional market valuation for his company.

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Here’s The Anti-iPhone 5 Ad Samsung Will Run In Newspapers Tomorrow (AAPL)

Samsung just relesed an ad that it plans to run in national newspapers tomorrow comparing the iPhone 5 to the Galaxy S III.

The ad breaks down some key specs of the two phones, but it’s also a bit misleading. Samsung lists a lot of Galaxy S III-specific software features like sharing photos wirelessly between phones and tilt to zoom, but doesn’t mention any iPhone 5-specific features.

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Cruxskunk Keyboard Case Turns Your iPad Into a Laptop


Cruxcase has debuted a new keyboard case that turns your iPad into a laptop.

For $155, the Cruxskunk has a full-sized QWERTY keyboard with raised keys, Bluetooth connectivity to hook up to your iPad and a patent-pending hinge that allows for 360 degrees of rotation, according to the company’s Kickstarter page. It is compatible with the newest iPad and the iPad 2.

Put together, the keyboard case and iPad combination is 19 mm tall — slightly more than a Macbook Air at 17 mm. The Cruxskunk alone is 6 mm tall.

The three main parts of the case are made from “a single piece of aircraft grade aluminum in the exact same process that Apple machines its Macbooks and iPads,” the creators say. They claim that those who have seen the Cruxskunk have mistaken it for a Macbook Pro.

Cruxcase, which creates products that integrate with Apple devices, has made similar cases over the last two years. Last year, it launched Crux Loaded for the iPad 2.

As of Monday, the company has raised more than $135,000 with 30 days remaining in its Kickstarter campaign. It surpassed its original goal of $90,000 last week. Those who pledge will receive a leather sleeve for carrying the Cruxskunk and a USB cord for charging its battery.

Cruxskunk says it plans to produce its first samples in mid-October, and begin full production in late October. The parts will be manufactured and assembled in China. The company adds that it hopes to start shipping in December.

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Critical bug in newest Java gives attackers complete control of PCs

Researchers said they’ve uncovered a flaw in the Java 7 update released by Oracle on Thursday that allows attackers to take complete control of end-user computers.

The flaw in Java 7 Update 7, which Oracle released to stop in-the-wild attacks that silently install malware on end-user machines, is the latest black eye for the security of the widely used software framework. It comes after revelations that Oracle learned of the vulnerabilities under attack in April, four months before the exploits were detected. Oracle has yet to explain the delay in fixing the bugs.

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Linkin Park Music Video Puts Your Facebook Photos in Emotional Tale

From the masterminds behind the scary and viral “Take This Lollipop” video, Linkin Park’s new music video for “Lost in the Echo” places your Facebook pictures into the storyline to personalize the tale for each viewer.

“I think we’re at a turning point for the ‘music video,’” Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda tells Mashable. “The whole idea of doing a static 3:30 movie or performance to sit underneath a song feels kind of boring.”

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